Building Advisory

Building Advisory Services

Architect Centre specialises in a broad range of building advisory services provided by expert-trained professional architects and panel consultants as follows:

  • Property Inspection and Defects Rectification Reports
  • Building Condition Status Reports
  • Pre and Post Construction Inspection
  • Maintenance, Repairs and Replacement (MRR) Programme
  • Due Diligence Assessment
  • Consultancy services on Green Building design, Green Building Index (GBI) facilitation and certification
  • Renovation and Design Advisory

Who is it For?

For people who want an informed, unbiased assessment of their property investment, including their most cost-effective way of solving the problems.

We offer clients advice on planning, procedural, technical matters, design and defects issues. In Malaysia, due to variable tolerances in building and work quality, problems can arise as to what is perceived as acceptable workmanship to different parties.

Hence critical assessment and formal documentation in a form of a report by an independent body could minimise the risks of contractual issues in rectifying defective work and resolving building disputes.

For the Homebuyers

Architect Advice
The Architect’s Advice is an excellent option for people who want to talk to an architect about any particular issue, i.e. technical issues (dampness, cracking), planning advice, reviewing plans, building regulations, general renovation advice, etc.

The architect would go out and visit the client on site and discuss the issue. They would then prepare a written report based on the meeting.

The service is based on two hours of the architect’s time, including the time it would take the architect to write up the report.

If you are buying a house or an apartment, retail shops, factories or any other commercial property for your investment, make sure you don't take unnecessary risks.

Benefits of independent advice

Architect Centre has seen cases where homeowners have spent tens of thousands of dollars repairing roof leaks, dampness, cracks and other defects when the job could have been rectified for a few hundred dollars. In each case, the original remedy was suggested by a company or individual who had a vested interest in the system or product. Architect Centre provides independent advice and will recommend only the most economical solution to your problem.

Ask an Architect

A free service offered via the website where the public can ask questions on topics of interest for response by an Accredited Architect Centre Architect.


Booking An Inspection
Client books with Architect Centre and prepays for the service

The architect makes an inspection appointment with the client

Completion of Report
A same-day verbal report to Client shall be made by the architect and the report shall be mailed to the Client.

Please contact us at 04-2698 2488 or email to for more information.


To find out more information, submit a booking query or kindly fill up the client brief form , email to and you will be contacted at your convenience by an Architect Centre representative.

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